General ride updates

As I no longer do my own blog, I thought that I should probably start doing the blog here again, so from now on I’ll be posting short updates of what the Bedminster Riders are doing.
The next event we are doing is the I think that we are quite looking forward to this one, it’s a little form the norm as it’s a road event. We are not doing the 100 mile route nor are we doing the 60 mile route; however we are attempting to do the 39 mile route, posted above in around 2 hours. Brad and I are contemplating riding to the start as a warm up, meeting up with 3 other riders, the intention is to ride the route fairly hard as a chain and complete the route as close to our target time as possible. This is not a race but more of a personal challenge, so this is going to be more of a training ride, hence we are all cycling together instead of the normal every man for himself competition race
Weather forecast is looking good for the event so the target time would be possible.

Once we’ve completed the route I’ll post our official times here.

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