Chipping Sodbury Sportive

This is the first time we have ridden the Sodbury Sportive as a team, Matt and Pete had ridden it before and had a target of less than 2 hours to complete the 30 miles. (target set)

I wanted a warm up so rode from home to the start line, this wasn’t too far, just short of 10 miles. I took it easy and got there in plenty of time to register and meet up with the others. We set off around 09:30 and almost immediately started to steadily increase the pace to a pace that would easily see us finish within the target time. We headed out through Chipping Sodbury, took some back roads out through Codrington, there was a relatively short steep incline up towards the A46, we crossed over the A46 staying on country roads. By this time we had picked up a few other riders that had tagged along for an easy ride, little did they know that at that time we were just taking it easy, we increased speed a little more and started to happily ride along at around the 25mph mark, this did see a few drop off the back, but was comfortable for the 5 or us. However Brad, yes Brad decided that we would bridge a small gap to a group of riders just ahead of us, he went alone for a while until Matt and Andy also decided to power on up the road and join the group. This did leave Pete and myself hanging out the back trying to get on too, we didn’t make it, the larger group was too strong for us and we couldn’t bridge the gap. Eventually they disappeared off into the distance. I had a small problem with a wasp sting on the arm, I spent a couple of minutes riding and tending to the sting, however during this I dropped off the wheel of Pete and never caught back up with him, so from around the 17 mile mark Brad, Matt and Andy were in a large group powering forward, Pete and I were riding alone on the road battling the wind alone, there was no chance that we were going to see each other until the end. The wind was strong on our own, but still on target to complete within the target time of 2 hours of less.

When I was approaching the finish line I was a little concerned that I was not going to make the target time, although I was a little closer than I thought. I eventually finished with a GPS recorded time of 1:56:01 so only just withing the target. The others had already found the free food and were about to sit and eat. I grabbed myself some food and joined then for a post ride chat. Pete and I did give Brad some grief for ditching us out on the road, but I’d have probably done the same if I was feeling fast on the day. I could write about my excuses, being tired from the long day the previous day, the McDonalds meal from the evening before and all the other juke I ate wilt at Alton Towers, but I not going to (or did I just do that??

My GPS details

I’ll post official time here later. As this was not a race there are no official positions, I’ve added these.

AgeCat Name    RouteRidden Start        Finish     RideTime Award VirtualPos
M18     Brad      30                       09:32:23 11:18:28 01:46:05  Gold    9
M18     Matt      30                       09:32:23 11:18:32 01:46:09  Gold    10
M18     Andrew 30                      09:32:23 11:18:39 01:46:16  Gold    11
M18     Pete       30                       09:32:23 11:23:27 01:51:04 Gold    19
M40     Jay         30                       09:32:23 11:29:16 01:56:53 Gold    24

Next event is starting Sunday 24th August at 12:00 and finishing 00:00 same day.

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