Brass Monkeys Rnd 2. Tunnel Hill

Hi all, I know it’s been a while since I last posted here, but since then I’ve done a few races and a number of training rides. One ride was a Strava Challenge to ride at least 79 miles in one ride, I actually rode just over that, which will have been my longest ride now for a number of years. I’ve also done a couple of other Gorrick races, Autumn Classic 2 and Brass Monkeys round 1.

With the above completed a while ago and Brass monkeys round 2 only completed yesterday this post will be about the most recent race. most of the team arrived at the venue around 08:30 and with my race starting at 10:00am, Harry’s at 10:10. Pete’s, Brad’s and Matt’s race starting at 12noon we had plenty of time to prepare bikes, fix punctures, oil chains, adjust breaks, fuel bodies. Race time came about quite quickly for me, this year the event organisers have introduced a small start loop to break the riders up a little to reduce the bottle necks.

Brass Monkeys 4 hr Start Line

I got a good start and found myself up near the front pack so missed any stall due to bottle necks, I didn’t stay up with the leaders for long though, they are in a completely different class of riding then me. First lap went well, mile marker 3 and 4 came and went quite quickly, with some nice descents and some single tracks. The second part of the course was a little harder, not because of the hills, but mainly due to the sticky mud that was causing havoc with my summer racing tyres. I was struggling to get traction so found myself walking up some of the hills. time to change to winter tyres I think. I did see Brad and Pete around the course taking pictures and filling time before they start at 12. They were doing the 2 hour race, they aren’t a stupid as me. I like to push myself until it hurts and I can’t ride anymore. Harry’s race started at 10:10 just 10 mins after I started, and although he’s much slower than I am I usually catch him up at the end of my second lap. However this time I didn’t, not sure if that’s because he’s getting quicker, or if all the walking I had to do slowed me, but none the less I was a little surprised that I didn’t catch him.
By the time I had finished my second lap, Brad, Pete and Matt would have been riding for around 20 mins, so there was no chance I was going to be able to catch them, I was also beginning to feel a little sluggish and my legs were beginning to burn. Half way around my 3rd lap I did suffer with cramp, which stopped me for a few minutes whilst I stretched it out. There were now riders stopping all over the place all suffering with cramps, most only 3 laps in. At this stage I still had it in mind that if I passed the start/finish line with time Left on the clock I would push on and do another lap. That wasn’t to be the case though, I cramped up several more time around the second half of the 3rd lap, an when I passed the start/finish line by legs, head and every other part of my body said stop. I was also surprised to see all the others at the line, all changed cleaned up and cheering me on, odd, had they started, had they finished??? Turns out they had finished, each completing 1 lap, Brad had crashed out, Pete was suffering with breathing problems (he was suffering on the way with a bad cough), and not really sure why Matt stopped, needless to say their positions were great.

4hr Male
Jason – 57th – 3:51:42 – 3 laps

1hr Fun
Harry – 16th – 2:02:34 – 1 lap

2hr Male
Matt – 84th – 1:11:15 – 1 lap
Pete – 87th – 1:17:29 – 1 lap
Brad – 88th – 1:21:10 – 1 lap

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