Saddle Skedaddle Spring Series Round 4

_DSC3099.jpgAnother fantastic race by the Gorrick / Saddle Skedaddle people. As per normal it was an early start so that Harry could get there in time to start his race at 09:00. We arrived in plenty of time for him to ready and for me to check the bike over a little. Brad had put the bike together the day before so it needed a once over to be sure. Harry lined up for his race, again a little outclassed by the other riders, but luckily Harry is not bothered about that, which is great, I’d hate for him to be discouraged by not being able to compete for a good position, he simply enjoys riding. He did complete his 2 laps again, although I don’t know what his second lap time is at the moment, although I do know that the first lap was 58 minutes.

There were more Bedminster Riders at this race than normal, there was Brad (the boss) Pete, Richie and myself. Now I was under strict instructions not to race too hard as I am still waiting to see what damage has been done to my wrist from a previous MTB race crash. The MRI scan was only last Thursday and it’s going to take around a week to get the results. I probably should be on a bike at all, but hey ho!
12:15 and the Fun category had been selected by the title sponsor, Saddle Skedaddle to be in the draw for a free cycling holiday courtesy of Saddle Skedaddle of course, we didn’t win, but well done to rider 813 for winning this prize. We were soon off, Pete shot off closely followed by me then Brad and bringing up the rear Richie (in order of team position). It was quite a good start and I started to chase down Pete with Brad close on my heels, then I remembered that I should be taking it easy so eased up and let brad catch me. Saddle Skedaddle Rnd 4 2012.jpg
I rode around most of the first lap following him, until we got to a little incline where we could see Pete a little way ahead. Brad found this a very useful sight which spurred him on to try and catch him, so I let him go too. I did think that it would be funny to sit on Brads wheel for the whole race and then sprint at the end to beat him, but that would have just been mean. I continued on to complete the rest of the lap and the next, completing both in 1:01 (my timing) with Brad at 58 min and Pete around 1 min ahead of him. I’m not too sure on Richies time but will come back here and post all the official timings as soon as they are up on the web site.

I really enjoyed this course, quite possibly the best course to date. 100% rideable an excellent mix of single track, ascending and descending. Some of the single tract through the trees was fast and twisty. More like this please.

Really looking forward to the last and final round in a few weeks time, in the mean time I think that I need to stay off the bike and let the wrist recover (maybe!)

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