Team Ride

The whole team managed to ride together today, starting from the car park in Leigh Woods, rather than the usual Ashton Court start. We started off with a half loop of Leigh Woods, which was really busy. We couldn’t really get any speed up as there were a lot of inexperience on the tracks which just kept getting in the way, so we headed over to Ashton court for a quick blast around the trails there. Although the trails in Leigh Woods are more challenging Ashton court was actually better today as we could actually ride at our own pace. Well most of the way any way. Harry is improving with every ride which showed today. He’d not ridden Ashton Court for a while, but has ridden a few races, so when it cae to one of the steeper hills I said to the other that Harry should carry on and we’ll catch him up later as he can’t ride this hill. I was wrong, he found a comfortable gear and stuck it all the way up the hill. Brad, Pete, Richie and myself did catch him but Matt was still suffering with his bruising from an off a few weeks back.
With one loop of Ashton Court complete we decided to stop for a nice warm bacon roll, then headed back into Leigh Woods for a quick loop of ‘Yer Tiz’ and head back to the van for a quick snap shot of the team as it’s not often we all get to ride together.

GPSr tracks

Meat the team;

Far left; Harry, Richie Matt, Pete, Brad(it’s his team, Jason(me)
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