Brass Monkeys Rnd 3 – Done

That was the last round of a 3 race series. Brass Monkeys is the Winter series through the Gorrick Mountain Biking Events. I’ve always found the racing they organise very professional and aimed at the XC scene. they might be a couple of hours drive from home but always worth the effort.

Round 3 was no exception, more climbing than the other 2 rounds but all ridable, the graident wasn’t leg bursting but did go on for quite a bit. Most of the ascending was on open fire road, with the odd single track. There were some fabulous flat single track through the woods, tight and twisty in places, just skimming the trees with my bar ends at times. The first lap saw a nervous approach to some of the steep downhills in places, hanging out the back of the bike just to keep from going over the bars, I also missed a great drop off into a steep downhill just near the end of the first lap. Second and 3rd lap was different though, I knew what was around the corners so attacked them with a hugh smile across my face. Maybe a little too much attacking on the 3rd lap washing out the front wheel and finding myself on the floor at one point.
I don’t race these for the results, more of the personal challenge, and although I didn’t quite manage the 4 laps as planned I still enjoyed the race. The main ‘race’ comes from tryign to compete with the other in the same team. This time between Brad, Pete & Richie I came in first.

The results can be seen Here

GPS tracks and stats of my race is here.

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