Brass Monkeys – round 1

This years round one of brass monkeys is over, thank god!

That was a tough race, and i think we all need to do some more long rides. We started off well and were all together for a while, Pete managed to get a small gap on me during the bottle neck que, i wasn’t able to close the gap¬†either, but at least it wasn’t getting any bigger. I had it in my mind that i would catch him later in the race as he beigns to tire, that theory wasn’t tested though as 3/4 into the first lap he managed to snap his rear mech hanager again! I did stop for a while but only to check he was ok and had all the tools he ws going to need. ¬†Brad and Rich were some way back by now and I didn’t really know what was going on with them. I pressed on through the second lap only to see them both stood at the side of the track taking phots of he as I went passed. It turned out that Brad had an astma attack a short distance into his second lap and that Rich had snapped his chain.

Pete did manage to get his bike fixed and continued on to complete 3 laps in 03:47:38

I also only managed 3 laps, nothing wrong with the bike or any other valid excuse other than I just wasn’t fit enough. my time for the 3 laps was 03:22:50

We also had a new wanna be racer. Harry, he’s only 11 (12 soon) but as the age is categorised at the Jan race he was eligable to do his first ever race, so he was entered into the 1hr Fun race. He was using my old bike with the saddle right down, so it is a little too large for him. Neverthe less he has been using it for a while now so used to how it handles. He did suffer a little too, he’s never ridden anything like this before, nor this kind of distance 7.4 mile lap. I did find him trying to strech out some cramp suffering a little towards the end of my 2nd lap. All things considered he did do very well, finishing last place with 1 lap in 1:57:00. He was quick to point out that out of our group he was the only one who actually completed he race, we all dropped out before our 4 hours was up.

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