TORQ in Your Sleep 12:12

TORQ in Your Sleep was yet another fabulously organised event
by the Gorrick team and title sponsor TORQ. We had decided to compete in this
race as 2 teams, 2 male pair teams, Matt and Pete as 1st team, Brad
and me as the 2nd team. Race start wasn’t until midday so we decided
to arrive that morning, get all the tents set-up bikes prepped before the 11am
briefing. I had just bought a new 6 man tent so dragged the rest of the family
along to support and to try out the new tent, so this took a little longer to
put up as it was the first time we had used it. We had managed to get a great
spot for viewing the race right next to the course. Bard and Eloise were
already set-up as too was Pete, Matt was sleeping in his van so didn’t really
have anything to set-up.
Almost ready to race
Brad and Matt took up the race start for the first start loop and full lap, they started
in good conditions but this did change and they did get rained on a little
through the first lap, the rain had stopped by the time they had to hand over
the baton. Matt came in bang on 1hr (according to my timing) Brad some 6 minutes
later. This just meant that I had to try a little harder than I had planned; my
intention was to catch Pete and pass him. However he knew that I would be
bearing down on him as fast as I could so he pushed hard too. The course had
started to dry out a little, this just made the mud sticky and the exposed
roots slippery, but still fast. Pete came in around 5 minutes ahead of me with
a lap time of 54 minutes. This gives us about 50 minutes rest before we were up
again, not long to refuel, re-hydrate etc. While Matt and Brad were out on
their second lap the rain really came down quite hard, they both managed to
come off their bikes on the exposed roots! They were both OK though, well so I
thought. Brad handed the baton over to me and I went on my way merrily on my
second lap, again the rain stopped for my lap but I had by now thought that it
was going to be better to just race my own race as Matt and Pete had pulled out
a good 20 minutes over Brad and me, so I took it a little easier with 8 hours
still to go before the end of the race. Just as well I did as when I came back
into the start/finish area I saw Brad standing there in normal clothes and not
fit to continue. His fall had been more painful than we first thought. Matt was
now on his 3rd lap and about ½ a lap ahead of me and Pete was
getting himself ready for his 3rd lap. Matt decided to stop racing
at this point, not really sure why other than his bum hurt. This meant that he
was going to hand over to Pete for Pete to start his 4th lap; he did
the first part of the lap before stopping at the campsite to eat and re-fuel. I
had already re-filled my bottle and headed back out on my 3rd lap
feeling good, still putting in just over the hour lap. However at the start of
my 4th lap I decided to stop and have something to eat back at the
campsite. I did stop for quite a while, probably too long. I waited for it to
get dark and put in a night lap starting at about 8:30pm, again the lap took
just over an hour but again I decided to stop for a little rest as I cramped up
on that lap. This time I defiantly stopped for too long as I relaxed so much I
didn’t go back out. Think that we all need a lot more training before we
contemplate doing a 12hr solo, that said, I think that the stopping and
starting doesn’t really help. It might be better to just simply keep cycling. I’ll
have to try that theory out one weekend.

Torq in Your Sleep Photoset

Next race is Forest of Dean in September.

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  1. Camila says:

    funny aicltre, loved the way you wrote it but reading it and thinking about it just gave me the CHILLS!!!

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