Saddle Skedaddle Race 4 & 5

First up I must apologise for not blogging as much as I should have. They were both were Saddle Skedaddle ones.
The penultimate race was a bit of a bit of a failed race. The opening lap for Brad and I found us dealing with a fellow racer that had crashed. At first we thought it was just going to be a case of picking him back up from the floor and untangling him from his bike. However he was a little worse for wear than we first thought. He’d come off pretty bad and concussed himself, he was still a little shaky and not feeling too good. We decided to stay with him and get some medical help. One of the marshals come to the scene quickly, the medical help were already busy dealing with another crash, a pretty bad one by all accounts. We took this opportunity to move the man we were dealing with to a location that was going to be more accessible by 4×4. This took some time as he was still a little wobbly. All this excitement ruined our race, we were happy to help and hope that if I ever need the help someone will be willing to give up their race for me.
The last race was a good race, well for me anyway. We started off good but immediately got caught up in a little off on the start line…weird…Brad had mechanical issues with a broken chain on the first lap, I was chasing Pete and Matt. I soon passed Pete and was then chasing Matt. The course was great, one of the better of the Saddle Skedaddle ones in my opinion. As I passed the start finish line I passed Matt who had stopped with back problems. To be fair though he was all strapped up and done well to complete 1 lap. This put me in lead team position for the first time so far this year. I hammered through the second lap making up a few places along the way.
All in all the series was good it had its ups and downs but got me back in the saddle racing again. I’ve enjoyed it so much so that I splashed out and bought myself a new cross country racing machine. The first race on the new bike will be 1st May, organised by the same group as the Saddle Skedaddle races, Gorrick 100. We are only going to be doing 30km but by normal standards this is 3 times the distance. I think we are all looking forward to it and looking forward to the challenge.
Stay here for more updates on the Gorrick 100.

Saddle Skedaddle Spring Series 4 photo set

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